In a stylish hotel a short stride from the Tel Aviv beach. In a pastorally beautiful, eclectic structure built in the style of the 1920s you will find the Bell Boutique Hotel brand new and unique Bell SPA Boutique. In our elegant SPA, we constructed walls built of unique salt imported from the worldrenowned, ancient Ukrainian salt mines, cherished for their therapeutic values. The salt was mined from depths of 288 meters – from beneath an ancient sea meticulously excavated from slabs that could be up to 280 million years old. The sparkling new facility offers salt saunas; a salt room; a Turkish bath (Hamam); and a wide variety of massages. We would like to invite you to begin your Tel Aviv day with a relaxing and invigorating massage and sauna --- with the added option of a wonderful, sumptuous Israeli breakfast. You also have the opportunity to relax on our elegant roof deck overlooking the Mediterranean.


The Bell SPA Boutique’s exclusive salt sauna offers complete relaxation and a harmonious experience.The steam that envelops you in the salt room helps cleanse your pores and sinuses as well asincreases your blood flow. The steam can also help relieve your headaches and ease your asthma.The salt in the walls in the sauna room contain anti-bacterial elements that fill the air with negativeions, which add purification capabilities to the relaxing steam.The salt provides therapy that short of medications is considered some of the best ways to treata wide variety of ailments, including breathing obstructions, allergies, thyroid problems, chronicfatigue, deficient immune systems and severe nervous disorders.

 Turkish Bath (Hamam)

Bell SPA Boutique’s Turkish bath (Hamam) offers intensive and unprecedented therapy in 40 degree Celsius temperatures and 90 percent humidity. The steam that surrounds you --- combined with the warm marble platform upon which you will relax in leisure --- create a breathtaking experience of tranquility and purity.

 an unforgettable SPA experience of health

and pampering. Quality SPA treatments

provided by highly skilled therapists a

stone›s throw from the Tel Aviv beach.