SPA Boutique Turkish Bath (Hamam)
The spa's Turkish bath (Hamam) offers you a delightful and unique
experience! Reminiscent of the best Turkish baths of Istanbul, you
serenely lie on the marble platform of the hot Turkish bath as a therapist
mixes a salt peeling for your body, then continues pampering your
skin with a luxurious in the Turkish bath will help rid your body of
toxins, clean your pores and leave your skin soft, clean and pure. (350
shekel/45 minutes).

A classic SWEDISH MASSAGE is the most common and the best-known
in the world. A trained therapist will lead you to a state of relaxation,
tranquility and peace. This type of massage can ease your nervous
system; release stress and anxiety; improve your blood flow and
metabolism; and highlight and nourish your skin's beauty. It's a time of
serenity, relaxation and pleasure that will carry you through a long day.
(250 shekel/50 minutes)

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage focuses on releasing stiffness in deeper layers of
muscles and connective tissue. The therapist uses advanced techniques
to manipulate the muscles, tendons and ligaments and release deeprooted
tension. Cramped muscles tend to store toxins, and the objective
of this massage is to remove them from your system. This process will
bring you a feeling of immediate and utter calmness, which can last for
a considerable amount of time. (250 shakel/50 minutes)

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone Massage is a delightful procedure that utilizes aromatherapy
oil and basalt stone, which were unearthed from deep beneath the
ground --- and originated as lava that was washed and smoothed by
spring water for decades until they become stones. The warmth of the
hot stones improves circulation and rejuvenates the nervous system. The
heat also warms and relaxes the muscles, which makes it a balanced
healing treatment. You will feel calm and relaxed for several days
following the therapy. (350 shekel/60 minutes)
Four Hand Massage
Four Hand massage is considered the royal equivalent of
all massage, with two therapists working simultaneously. The massage
creates a sense of harmony and is considered very uplifting for the body
and mind. (490 shekel/60 minutes)

Reflexology is an ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT method that originated in ancient
Egypt. This technique has been found effective when you feel drained
and exhausted; are experiencing an imbalance between the two sides of
your body; are suffering from blood flow and low-energy problems; or
have digestive difficulties, headaches and migraines, or LEG PAIN. This
therapy centers on your legs; the palms of your hands; and your face. It
is a pleasant and therapeutic treatment. (250 shekel/50 minutes)
Combined Massage
Combined massage is the ultimate choice for those of you who want
to enjoy a blend of the best of the world's massage. The treatment is
adapted individually to your needs and combines techniques used
around the world. Including: Shiatsu, Tui Na, Lomi Lomi and Yoga
stretching. (250 shekel/50 minutes)
* Hot stones therapy can be added for an additional 100 shekel
* kin peeling for another 100 shekel

FACIAL TREATMENTS are a wonderful and relaxing experience for both
men and women. The treatments begin with the therapist softening
your skin using a towel soaked in a warm tonic. The professional will
then clean your skin deeply --- but delicately--- using different scrubs
and a nourishing mask, based on natural ingredients. The professional
continues with a facial, neck and head massage. The experience
ends with your face being refreshed with exclusive rose water. (350
shekel/60 minutes)

Head and Foot Massage
This massage combination concentrates on two prominent areas of
the body that are most prone to stress --- the head and feet. In the head
area, the massage will concentrate on releasing tension in your neck
and scalp; in the tender bottoms of the feet, the massage therapist
will work on reducing pressure. These distinct massages are perfect
for those of you in a hurry to begin your day, or experience particular
discomfort in these body areas. (200 shekel/30 minutes)

Pre-natal Massage
The pre-natal massage is the complete and perfect way to reduce
stress and release muscle tension for women during certain months of
pregnancy, performed by a therapist specifically trained for the task.
The advantages of the treatment include:
* Helps balance the hormonal system
* Improves the lymphatic system
* Helps maintain a healthy nervous system
* Improves the flow of oxygen to the placenta
* Helps prevent edemas and other swellings
* Improves the flow of blood to lessen fatigue
The treatment is calming and can also be beneficial to the embryo.
(250 shekel/50 minutes)




The Bell Healing Salt SPA is located on the hotel's ground floor. It's a unique spa featuring dry salt sauna, Hamam Turkish bath and Healing salt treatment rooms. 

Refusing to compromise and insisting to comply with the highest standards of quality, The Bell Healing Salt SPA is built from walls of unprocessed salt, mined at 300 meters underground from salt mines in the Ukraine.  

The Bell Healing Salt SPA treatment are carefully chosen and are focusing on the mind-body connection. All the rooms have a healing and caressing atmosphere which extracts the upmost quality and effectiveness for an unforgettable experience.


Our customers are derived from business and stressful days as well as Athletes and sports related activities. Spa customers say it's a winning combination...  

Our overwhelming dry salt-sauna is the only one of its kind in Israel with incredible health benefits where the heat reaches 650 C. If you choose the Turkish bath, you'll lie down on a hot marble dais and place yourself in therapist's capable hands that scrub and massage your body in an ambient temperature of 400 C, and 90% humidity - an intensive and totally unique treatment.

We welcome you to enjoy a unique and unimaginable experience for healing your soul and loading your energy towards a new business day, a sport activity or reconnecting life’s most important triangle of body-mind-soul.  


The salt-room and how it works


Our salt room is constructed from blocks of salt, extracted 300 meters underground from salt mines in the Ukraine; the salt is estimated to be millions of years old. Mined grey salt has powerful antiseptic qualities, and is rich in the minerals essential for every human being.

On contact with air, salt particles are released and then absorbed by the respiratory tract. The particles are rich in negative ions which, unlike their name, actually contribute to the quality of life and health.

While the air we breathe every day is full of positive ions, due to air pollution, cellular and electro-magnetic radiation, negative ions are abundant in nature, near rivers and forests and in ancient naturally occurring salt caves.

Many contemporary studies support the idea of breathing air saturated with negative ions to treat a wide range of health problems - among them, respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis and snoring, ADHD in children, symptoms of stress in adults, as well as various skin disorders such as psoriasis and allergies. It's also a recommended treatment for people who spend hours at the computer, and smokers.

In fact, breathing the air in a salt room boosts the whole immune system, so most people can really benefit from a session in a salt room.


So what exactly is a salt sauna and what are its benefits?


A salt sauna combines the benefits of a salt room with the proven advantages of a dry Finnish sauna (without steam). The heat in the sauna (which reaches 650 C) speeds up the emission of salt particles and releases negative ions into the air, as well as raising the body temperature, the same way that your body temperature rises to cope with illness.

As a result, viruses, infections, and allergies are quickly eliminated. When we inhale negative ions and salt particles, our lungs and airways also expand due to the heat, and this has a beneficial effect on problems like phlegm, inflamed sinuses, and more.

Sitting in a dry salt sauna provides all the benefits of a salt room, but in half the time. Even better, you'll finish your dry-sauna session in a state of true relaxation.

Don't forget that - like in every sauna - one should stay no more than 15 minutes in the salt sauna, and the treatment is not recommended for pregnant women.


Who invented salt-rooms?


Treatment involving inhaling salt is not a modern discovery. Long ago, physicians recommended that people suffering from respiratory ailments and skin problems should stay in convalescent homes located near the sea, to enjoy the benefits of a salt-rich climate. Even Hippocrates, the founder of Western medicine, was aware of salt's wholesome qualities and used it extensively.  

Modern salt rooms were created since not all of us live by the sea, and because the concentration of sea salt in the air is not enough to treat acute medical problems. They began during World War II, when the director of a Kiev hospital decided to shelter his patients from the German bombardments, in a large salt quarry nearby. Three days later, he noticed a significant improvement in his patients, and started researching the curative properties of salt. This paved the way for the sanatoriums that were opened in salt mines in Ukraine, and from there the method spread to Europe.

The treatment's impressive effectiveness resulted in numerous salt rooms being built across the world.